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If you’ve been following Startup Muse at all in the past few months, you now that profiling founders and other executives is a significant part of our programming. As we launch full speed ahead (or crawl begrudgingly) in to 2016, let’s take a look back at the pearls of wisdom imparted to us from successful startup entrepreneurs in 2015.

We asked countless entrepreneurs, “If you had one piece of advice to give fellow entrepreneurs, what would it be?” — and these are some of the top answers from 2015.


“Help other startups. Get involved and learn. Find mentors. Don’t be scared of being broke because of your startup. Being broke means you are doing, not just dreaming..” – Anabella Watson, RentBillow, LLC

“Surround yourself with sharp people that you can learn from and be a constant sponge for information when you are around them. You should often feel like an idiot when they talk, but when you do, write down whatever made you feel like an idiot so you can go read about it and ask questions later.” – Michael Walsh, CariLoop

“To not feel guilty if you take a break once in a while. It can be hard to switch off from the business but I know that sometimes unplugging can be really important to reset for the next big push.” – James Bohan-Pitt, HipPocket

“Your work is never done and you’re going to be thinking about work even when you’re not there. It’s important to set boundaries so that you don’t burn out. Make sure you’re taking time to step back and gain perspective. If you love what you do, and are passionate about your mission, work is not work.” – Andra Newman, QuadJobs

“Surround yourself with the best people possible. We don’t always have the right answer at Trunk Club and often fail forward to success, but by having a strong and supportive team in place we have weathered the storms together and come out on top. Culture is not something you can simply define in a mission statement, it is created and sustained by the leaders and teammates you surround yourself with daily.” – Lindsey Kilbride, Trunk Club

“I think so many would-be entrepreneurs are simply afraid of failure and would rather stick to what’s comfortable and known. They’ve got passion, drive and some great ideas, but are paralyzed by the unknown. Well, I believe our world is made by ordinary people just like you and me… so I’d say “JUMP!” Find something you’re passionate about and which solves a problem and get to the serious work of changing our world for the better!” – Jonathan Clark, Mend

“This is going to be a long and wild ride – get your team in place. Your team will make or break your growth!” – Kevin Lavelle, Mizzen+Main