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Dress for success. Dress to impress. Dress for the job you want. While not without merit, those often unsolicited words of advice from your college professors and single Aunt Sally mean something entirely different in the start up world. After all, this is a place where work style is more about standing out than suiting up.

 So this week, we’re taking a look at a few stand-out Instagrammers who have mastered the style of business meets pleasure. You know, for those mornings when your favorite hoodie won’t cut it and you need a little inspiration.


Real Name: Lewis Malivanek

Job: Creative Director at Knot Standard

Followers: 1.8k

Located in NYC, the Creative Director oversees brand identity for Knot Standard, a custom-made menswear brand and rising star in the retail industry that has a new showroom on Henderson Ave. He gets bonus points in our book for rocking his brightly hued (and double breasted) suits as easily as he does deep scoop tees.


Real Name: EJ Samson

Job: Director of Content Strategy, Hearst Digital Media

Followers: 74.7k

Known for expertly paired pocket squares and knit ties, EJ’s Instagram is the perfect inspiration for mix & match style. Think black and white stripes with blue plaid and polka dots with grey houndstooth. Somehow, he makes it all work.


Real Name: Phil Cohen

Job: Art Director

Followers: 124k

Not keen on filling your Instagram feed with photos of well-dressed dudes, then this account might be more intriguing to you. Alongside the occasional full-body shot, Cohen photographs perfectly curated product shots, complete with designer and store tags for easily outfit replication. 


Real Name: Adam Gallagher

Job: Blogger / Stylist

Followers: 1.5 million

Gallagher’s style is self-described as California meets New York, but as is evidence from his photos, it also meets Istanbul, Iceland and Arizona. He absolutely masters travel style then cleans ups for an international business meeting. Business style inspiration with a side of wanderlust.


Real Name: We’re not sure. 

Job: Dog (Yes, seriously.)

Followers: 222k

Yes, this Shiba Inu has more followers and a better wardrobe than most of us. But don’t be jealous. The start up scene can be a dog-eat-dog world and this pooch could teach you a thing or two about accessorizing.