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Brooke Hoffman, StartupMuse Editor-in-Chief

Brooke Hoffman, StartupMuse Editor-in-Chief

Hello StartupMuse world – I’m Brooke. It’s said that the millennial generation has a short attention span; we’re always clambering for the next big thing. While I hope I don’t personify every stereotype of my generation, that’s one I’m willing to admit. I’m a creature of habit when it comes to cocktails (Hendricks and soda), but I’m all about embracing new businesses. From shopping to listening to music and ordering food, startups make my world go round.


Until now, my interest in the startup industry has been strictly recreational, but a career as a public relations professional has given me a knack for telling brand stories. Enter StartupMuse. 

The startup community is credited with introducing some of the most innovative, valuable and flat-out fun businesses in our modern lives, but the most interesting element is often the person behind the product. Every college kid on a bender thinks they have the next great startup idea, so what’s really interesting to me, is the ones who make it happen. So for the foreseeable future, that’s who I’ll be talking to. Then I’ll be sharing those stories with you.

When I’m not working, writing, or defending my decision to leave Miami for Dallas (yes, everyone, I miss the beach), I’m probably watching subpar crime dramas, forcing myself to work out, or snapping photos of my Australian Shepherd, Dale. Actually, I’m always snapping photos of Dale. He doesn’t enjoy it as much as I do.