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Untitled design(2)This morning I was sitting in Cafe Express with my son wearing my navy blue Adidas flip-flops when I came across an article titled, “Why Men Should Never Wear Flip-Flops.” Normally I am a fan of D Magazine’s Zac Crain, but I felt compelled to take issue with his latest article.

Flip flops don't make the man...In the article Zac suggests that a man who wears flip-flops is saying, “I have completely given up on being a productive member of society.” As a card carrying member of ‘men who wear flip-flops with jeans’ club I must strongly disagree. Frankly, the men I know that are comfortable wearing flip-flops with jeans are some of the most productive people in society. They’re comfortable in their own skin and not terribly concerned about what anyone else thinks about their wardrobe. Instead, these highly intelligent men, are most concerned about comfort and convenience.

Zac seems to be a little behind the times with regard to how well most men take care of their feet. In the article he argues that one of the main reasons men (as opposed to women) shouldn’t wear flip-flops is because they don’t take care of their feet. Again, the men I know who wear flip-flops are frequent customers of retailers like Onyx. Taking care of your feet is important for a man’s overall health. Far from being the “most horrifying thing a man could wear outside of the comfort of his own home” flip-flops are a celebration of health and comfort.

My suggestion? Judge a man by the quality of his pedicure and not the nature of his footwear. The esteem one holds another human being in should not be a function of his choice of shoes. Of course, I respect anyone’s decision NOT to wear flip-flops. Live and let live…