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Startup Hubs are popping up all over the country which makes highlighting your startup even tougher. Yet, awareness is the best thing a startup can do to gain traction and growth. One of the traditional, and usually most effective ways, to do this is through PR. So STARTUPMUSE did the heavy lifting for you & spoke with Dallas-Based Pitch PR to get the top 5 tips every startup should know about PR. 

1.  Not every development or milestone is a news story. Getting a great response on GitHub can be reassuring to you but TechCrunch doesn’t care.

2. Research reporters and bloggers who cover your sector, read their work and follow them on social media BEFORE you pitch them

3.News outlets are stretched thinner than ever so give reporters at least two to three weeks advance notice before you want a story to appear.

4. Realize that reporters get literally hundreds of pitches every day so be sure to keep yours impactful and concise.

5.Never start a fight with someone who buys ink by the barrel. In other words, treat the press nicely because they’re always going to have the last word.

For more advice or to learn about how to get your startup moving – contact Pitch PR’s VP Martin Stein at